5 tips for fast internet

A fast computer without fast internet is like a fast car without gasoline.
In this article, we will learn 5 tips for fast internet.
The reasons why your internet is slow may vary. However, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Before we start, let’s measure our internet speed on our homepage. The minimum download speed that you should see in order to have a smooth internet experience is 4-5 Mbps.
This particular speed is enough for social networking, file downloading and watching HD videos.
Now that we know our speed, we’re going to improve it.

1. Reduce your distance from the Router

Your router acts as a radio when you are connected to it via WiFi. The closer you are to your router’s antenna, the more stable and with fewer losses will be your signal.
So go as close to the Router as you can.

If you are still connected via Ethernet, then the cable MUST NOT be longer than you need. If you need a shorter one, you can find it in electrical outlets and it usually costs only a few euros.

* What applies to the Ethernet cable also applies to the phone cable that is connected to the Router. The shorter the cable, the better.

2. Unplug unnecessary devices from the Router

The connected devices are likely to use the internet, even when they appear to be idle. Disconnect any devices you do not need (Mobile, Tablet, TV) and get rid of devices that may have your Wi-Fi password (such as neighbor’s and other’s) by changing your Wi-Fi code.

3. Change from Wi-Fi to Ethernet, use HomePlug or Wi-Fi extender

If the Wi-Fi flag is not possible, go to Ethernet or buy a HomePlug pair or a Wi-Fi extender. It is one of the easiest and most efficient ways to achieve a faster Internet connection.

4. Cooling and air circulation around the Router

Good air circulation to prevent the overheating of the router is also one of the basic tips for fast internet.
It is easy to forget the router next to hot hearths such as radiators and stoves, or even by windows and under the sun. Place your Router in an open area, away from the heat and the sun.

5. Upgrading the firmware of the router

Check the manufacturer’s official page for available firmware upgrades. If any exist, read the change-log to find out what improvements the new firmware offers. Be aware that the firmware upgrade may damage your router or violate the guarantee.


As we mentioned in the beginning, the factors that may be damaging your Internet connection may be many. However, they are usually concentrated around the things mentioned in this article, and if you follow these tips for fast internet, you will have a better internet performance.

If you still have a problem with your internet speed and the Speedtest measurement is still small, then you are most likely not getting fast enough internet from your provider.

In this case, you should contact them. Projects in the area, weather, and/or network failures, are problems that only your provider can help you correct.


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